100% Design London

London Part 2

Hello World,

After we had a look around Global Industry at The Dock me and Michaela headed over to 100% Design London at Earls Court.  

The show felt much smaller this year, mainly because Designers Block and The Bike Feature where missing as well as their being less installations, workshops and free giveaways – a sign of the times I fear!

Despite this, we saw some fantastic examples of green design many of which came from newly graduated designers. Looks like our futures in good hands if these guys have anything to do with it. 🙂

Check out some of our favourites from the show below:

John Green – 100% Futures

John Green is an award winning designer, designing furniture and lifestyle products for manufacture. John’s approach is simple – to create innovative and functional designs that people can’t resist.

As a fresh graduate, with high profile products in his portfolio John is launching his own collection of well-designed minimal products. On top of developing products for his own brand John works as a freelance designer, collaborating with other designers and manufacturers.


This smart piece of furniture naturally forms two low modern tables that are then ‘embraced’ together in order to form a self storage unit / magazine rack / occasional table. The flowing curves are produced by laminating plywood, which is then skilfully veneered. Laminating consists of bonding together many layers in order to produce one solid shape.


A modern coat stand designed around a ‘standard’ Ø23mm replacement hardwood broom handle. Utilising this mass manufactured standard component helps to reduce manufacture costs to create an affordable product. The broom handle is separated by interlocking steel hooks. Standard has been designed to flat pack into a 1 meter postal tube.

Website: www.johngreendesigns.co.uk

Thomas Stanley – 100% Futures

Thomas always applies innovation when he is designing new products which allows his work to stand out from the rest and prompt discussion. He is committed to sourcing his manufactures from the UK to support our fading skilled industries. A self confessed perfectionist, his customers have a guarantee of unique quality, where nothing has been overlooked down to every minute detail. These details are what distinguish a great design from a good design.

Thee Apple

Bird tables are commonly cheap timber objects that are undesirable and prone to decay, so as a result are usually discarded. Bird baths on the other hand are generally beautifully crafted objects or sculptures which become focal points in their surroundings.

Thee Apple is a unique product with innovation at its core, its overall form is inspired by apples and the insects which feast on and within them. He set out to change people’s perceptions and make this unappreciated often undesirable object into a thing of beauty much like the birds that use them. He developed a number of key features for ‘Thee Apple’ to help solve some key flaws, such as the large funnel capacity allowing a vast amount of food to be stored in a dry environment, and features to avert unwanted attention from predators and vermin.


lighTIN is an eco-friendly desk lamp, which houses a bulb capable of lasting 30,000 hours or the equivalent of 12 halogen bulbs. It is made largely from recycled/re-used materials, a re-used aluminium drinks tin being the focal point and the housing for an LED spotlight bulb, which if left on permanently would last an incredible 3.43 years. Extra emphasise is given to the drinks tin with a subtle, elegant wire bent frame supporting it.

Website: www.thomasstanleydesign.co.uk

Creative Trust – 100% Design

We where blown away by Creative Trusts carboard stand! The entire stand had been created out of cardboard and resembled an old fashioned brick house complete with street lamps- all hand illustrated by the team. Walking through the cardboard threshold you are greeted by a fairground-style vending machine handing out bespoke business cards. The Interior was furnished with a quirky selection of the Trust’s cardboard range, including cardboard furniture, frames and even a full-size cardboard piano!

The Trust received Blueprint’s coveted Best Exhibition Design Award. Creative Trust produces ranges in other materials, from acrylic to plywood, but keeping their original creative stamp of unique illustrations, making each piece individual, with the attention to detail being incredible.

Cake Stand by Creative Trust

Creative Trust are great designers that can not only come up with innovative design solutions but can turn them into a reality. Be it product design, bespoke retail design or brand experiences they can produce the solution for you. One of many being their range of recycled cardboard furniture.

Their website is also increadible: www.creativetrust.co.uk

James Shaw – winner of the New Designers 100% Design London Award

The winner of The 100% Design Award, James Shaw, focused his project ‘Socket Light and Spun’ on keeping the tradition of metal spinning alive. His metal spun objects are simple but at the same time beautiful. His award was for three powder coated everyday household objects; a table, a dustpan and brush and a ball joint lamp. His pieces have a strong use of industrial materials and hold a great nostalgic quality within them.

Website: www.jamesmichaelshaw.co.uk

BIRTHDAY – 100% Design London – Korea Design

BIRTHDAY seeks to form new values and cultures and create continuous exchange with and through design. BIRTHDAY wishes to create lively designs that stimulate the emotions, and designs with stories that many people can personally relate to that will formulate positive feedback and give the world a little more warmth.

Only 1 ° C change can affect us – Ceramic cup

Replacement of the wasteful disposable cups. This cup shows how the Earth is affected with the increase of a mere one degree Celsius. The moment a drink is poured into the cup, animals, forests, and the Statue of Liberty are drowned in the liquid, showing the affects of the rising climate, and as you drink a warning of the global warming effect can be seen inside the cup at eye-level. You can feel the effects and problems of the issue of global warming with a single use of this cup.

Website: www.hellobirthday.com

Studio Civico – 100% Design London – Design Event North East

Dan Civico’s design practice produces work spanning a number of disciplines including the design and manufacture of furniture, lighting, large scale public art and site specific commissions as well as interior design and photography. Civico’s work translates simple ideas into beautifully manufactured structures which investigate the boundaries between art and design, questioning what it is to ‘design’ a structure or ‘create’ a product. He plays with ideas of conformity, perception and preconceived notions of form and function creating engaging often ambiguous objects.


ChairKit is a limited edition range of high quality self-build chairs and tables that are sold in flat pack / wall art form and are supplied with almost everything needed for construction so you can enjoy the creativity, interaction and fun of building your own furniture. Every purchase comes with a signed and numbered, limited edition screen print. ChairKit_ uses the latest cutting technologies so that each kit can be produced with minimal waste and energy consumption, they are CNC routed and are produced in sustainable birch plywood. All you need to do is follow the simple, clear instructions and in no time you’ll be sitting in your own chair.

Website: www.dancivico.com

Amy Levinson -100% Design London – Design Event North East

Amy made her first appearance this year at the Design Event MART where her work was showcased with the regions leading designer talent. Through her range of clocks Amy intends to encourage and enrich the consumer product relationship; making clocks, which utilise product attachment as a form of sustainability. Amy has brought a quirky twist to classic clock forms, updating them through the use of modern materials and processes. Each of her clocks aims to engage the user in a different way. The notion is that the more effort the consumer invests in the product by assembling it and decorating it the more they will become attached to it, and the more incentive they will have to keep it for many years.

Cardboard Clock

Made from tightly interlocking die cut cardboard this clock allows the consumer to engage in both the construction and decoration in the hope they will grow to love and cherish it.

Website: www.amylevinson.co.uk

For more information about 100% Design London please visit: www.100percentdesign.co.uk