TENT, London

After all the excitement of 100% design we couldn’t resist another dose of creativity and headed over to Tent, the coolest design event of the year. Situated in Brick lane the design capital of London, it was a hive of innovative and creative design. We sampled the delights of Brick Lanes Sunday market before entering Truemans Brewery and experienced a plethera of wonderful work.

Mini Moderns was a favourite of ours with its retro themes and 70’s flava, it rocked our world. We loved the hand crafted wallpaper especially the ‘Pet Sounds’ range and we loved the fact that it was made by ‘Nice People’! And of course all the products are ethically made.

Another favourite was Furniture Magpie who are recent Bucks graduates  who are of a similar mission to Dodo, who used old and unwanted furniture to create the most facinating  designs. We loved the  lamp made of old table legs and the fabric buttoned console table. Definately ones to watch.

We were in awe of textile designer Zoe Murphy who gives old furniture a new lease of life with her beautiful textiles and etched work. Not only does she create the most beautiful pieces she has also been snapped up by Libertys London. I am so jealous!

Curiousa & Curiousa is a dark yet beautiful design company.We adored its hand blown glass lamps  and its slightly disturbing  fabrics. Loving baby and barbed wire  fabric it was unusual yet quirky and i would love to get my sticky hands on some!!!

We looked at  Curiosa & Curiousa’s website and found the  china doll light which is a moulded dolls head and light fitting. It is such unusual work yet slightly disturbing but we adore it.

The Whispering table by The Green Eyl was a conceptual installation and was commisioned by Stiftung Judisches Museum Berlin and consisted of a table with various sized pots which emitt different sounds through small holes, and invites people to sit down and explore different food ceremonies relating to eating food. It was a very beautiful and simple idea and was so inspiring, we adore pieces of work  like this which has a narative and is both beautiful yet simple.

Tent featured Labcraft who taps into potential technologies and specialise in future cutting edge technologies. Labcraft consist of 24 makers who have wonderful adventures in contemporary crafts. A must see was Max Frasers  table which was partially laser cut to reveal an almost pixalated  edge. Labcraft is part of the Craft Council and will tour across the uk for 18 months.