Hendzel & Hunt – Made in Peckham

Jan Hendzel & Oscar Hunt showcased their talent in their own room at this years Designersblock. They are woodworkers and cratsmen and they specialised in using found items in the street or junkyard from the area of Peckham and create the most beautiful bespoke handcrafted furniture using traditionl methods.

Hinkley table

    ‘Jan Hendzel and Oscar Hunt, have both long been both woodworkers and craftsmen – where their well honed skills make themselves evident in their work. Together, their design methods present a proud and honest approach to both the materials they work with, as well as the traditional techniques they have reintroduced. Their carefully calculated design philosophy and strategy can be seen in everything they do – from exhibition design to web communication.
The saying ‘what you see is what you get’ naturally comes into play with these boys, as the Made in Peckham range hides no secrets or unexpected elements. All their pieces are made using traditional joinery techniques, which completely forgo the use of metal or other types of fixings, and instead opt for handmade wooden dowels for binding. Their stunning series include the Gowlett Stool, made from recycled wooden palettes; the Kirkwood Chair, which is produced by reclaimed hardwood and Victorian floorboards; and the Hinckley Table, which is similarly made and rests on a foot of six interlocked pieces of wood. The whole series can be viewed and purchased at The Shop at Bluebird in London, UK.
Hendzel+Hunt’s scrap-booking aesthetic, certainly provides a medium to give new value to other people’s rubbish. And while this mode of material reuse is not something new to us, the pair do however apply yet another dimension and qualitative promise through expert craftsmanship and traditional techniques.’


Blue bird shop


We loved the Punkers bar in London which was a joint project together with the Old Vic and Junk & Jems, where old arches under Waterloo station were converted into the coolest watering hole /exhibition space.

Bunkers Bar

They embody what dodo is all about regarding sustainable issues toward waste, the enviroment and show we should re-educate people to think again before items go to landfill sites. Use reuse! Viva the revolution!!!!
Find out more at www.hendzel&hunt.com