Ralph Lauren 4D Digital Mapping

I am facinated with social advertising and I am intrigued how companies are using this form of media to create a vibe about their brands. I recently stumbled across Ralph Laurens celebration of ten years of digital technology.

4D digital mapping

It celebrates the Lauren brand with a towering canvas 4D spectacle on the facade of its flagship store on Madison Ave and also its London branch.
It has mapped out digital architectural contours of the building and has made it look like it the building is rotated, moved disappered, squeezed and blasted with giant models spanning two storeys, a catwalk together with accessories, aftershave and horses,all whilst advertising the Lauren brand with a backdrop of a totally cool soundtrack.It took 150 people months to make the eight minute wonder and was made using 3D scanners, models, and some of the crew off the Harry Potter films,using technology sourced in Amsterdam called digital mapping. Ralph Lauren, head of marketing said,
‘What we do as a brand is we tell stories. We create an environment: dogs, houses, cars — an entire experience. When you walk into a store, you’re walking into old world mahogany. The kayak is on the ceiling and all that. But we can tell that story better online. We can give people the ability to step into that experience. What I call “merchantainment” is the seamless blending of merchandising and entertainment. It’s what we do in our stores. It’s what we do in our ads. When we run those ads, we get thousands of calls saying: what kind of dog is that? What kind of car is that? What kind of house is that? Can I book a trip to that golf course? When you go on our site, you can do all that. That’s why technology is now seamlessly integrated into what we do. It’s allowing us to fulfill our original intent: to tell stories and let you step into that world.

It is a form of social advertising where companies wish to create a buzz about their product and this is social networking done on a million pound budget
“We want to make sure we are seen at the cutting-edge of technology and trends [by everyone],” he said. The company also plans to post video footage of the show on its website and mobile applications, hoping the event’s novelty factor will make it “go viral.”
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