Vintage recycling

We recently came across a new form of marketplace in Japan entitled ‘Pass the Baton’. The brainchild of Masamichi Toyama it is a new way of recycling where items that were once loved and no longer needed are passed on together with a personal history of the item, such as a first kiss, or an experience.

Pass the Baton Internet

pass the baton products

Clothing, furniture, accessories are all available online with images and a personal message of the product. Items once owned by celebrities are available as were items from the recently closed Llove Hotel, designed by Masamichi Katkayama of Wonderwall fame. People can choose to buy as in a regular market or choose whether the proceeds made go to charity. We adore this concept and love the way the items are personalised and that you are adding to its history. It makes the product real and gives it a sense of space and time in the universe without any waste!

Llove hotel Tokyo