David Binns and Dr Alasdair Bremner’s AluSiD (Alumino Silicate Design) Exhibition at the PR1 Gallery

We stumbled across this exhibition last week passing through the PR1 gallery to get to our MA study room in the victoria building at UCLan.

On display where examples of David Binns (ceramicist and programme leader of MA Ceramics at UCLan) and Dr Alasdair Bremner’s AluSiD (Alumino Silicate Design) work.

Above picture. Colse up of fossil Cast Form made from recycled kiln cast glass, ceramic aggregates and bone china tableware.

AluSiD was the name given to launch prototype examples of the ‘Eco-material’ David and Dr Alasdair Bremner had been developing as part of the AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council) funded research project called ‘The Aesthetic of Waste”. The research project examines mineral waste as a potential alternative to traditional construction materials.

We think that this is a fantastic example of what science and design can do when they come together. Not only is this a innovative and viable alternative to traditional construction materials – it also has unique and beautiful aesthetic qualities too.

The work was displayed on disused packing crates setting the seen for the recycled materials. We thought that this was a very simple and effective way of exhibiting their work and something we might reinterpret when we exhibit our work next year.

The future of AluSiD

I know that David exhibited AluSiD at this years 100% Design London and that they are now talking seriously with a potential manufacturer that they met there. They are also considering another grant bid to help move the project towards commercialization. What fantastic news! 🙂

Here is some more information from AluSiD:

AluSiD (Alumino Silicate Design) is a small team of artist/designers, researching and developing a unique new Eco-material, made from 100% recycled mineral waste. The material has exciting aesthetic properties and is a truly sustainable alternative to ceramic tiles and sheet stone; fulfilling applications such as architectural cladding, tiling systems and table-tops.

The material has grown out of research undertaken within the Silicate Research Unit based within the School of Art, Design & Performance at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) in Preston, UK.
The project started life as an extension of the artistic practice of David Binns, (Reader in Contemporary Ceramics at UCLAN). As the project developed he began collaborating with Dr Alasdair Bremner, a PhD graduate at the University. Finding their individual research interests were both philosophically and technically compatible, they collaborated on a number of live projects before embarking on a major research project that has led to the forming of AluSiD. The project titled ‘The Aesthetic of Waste’ has been supported by a research grant from the Arts & Humanities Research Council.

The project has involved exploring how varying streams of mineral waste can be combined in the creation of a new Eco-material that has unique visual properties; is made from 100% waste and has technical attributes that allow it to be used as within a number of architectural and interior design contexts.
The material offers a genuinely sustainable alternative to non-renewable sources of virgin stone such as granite or marble. Furthermore the material can be tailor made to meet the users specific requirements of colour and texture; blending or contrasting as required with existing material qualities.

AluSiD Designers:
David Binns & Dr Alasdair Bremner

For more information please visit:

AluSiD – http://alusid.com/index.html

David Binns – www.davidbinnsceramics.co.uk

Karen Smart