MIO launches flagship green design store in Philadelphia

MIO is an eco design agency based in Philadelphia that produce sustainably crafted products and clothing as well as product development consulting services for the likes of Anthropologie and Target. We share the same philosophy and mission as MIO so we where thrilled to find out that they have just launched their very own retail store in Philadelphia.

Designed by MIO’s co-founders Jamie and Issac Salm, the new store is a brilliant example of eco interior design. A feature wall of MIO’s textured Paperforms (recycled modular 3D paperboard tiles) create the perfect backdrop to the minimalist store design. Custom plywood merchandising fixtures resembling skateboard ramps also help give the space an urban edgyness as well as demonstrate skilled craftsmanship. In addition to the ziz-zagging angular fixtures, hanging bikes with springy baskets and floor to ceiling tree-like Nomad wall screens help introduce visitors to MIO’s fun and sustainable products.

MIO’s products have always been available to buy online, but their new store in Philadelphia will allow customers to touch and feel the products up close as well as provide them with the extensive eco product knowledge of the staff working there. Each product also has an “Eco Stats” scorecard explaining it’s attributes such as it’s recyclability,  biodegradability etc.

You can find this store at 446 North 12th Street in downtown Philadelphia, USA.

Heres more information about MIO from their website http://mioculture.com/


True, we’re in the business of creating sustainable products. But our true mission runs deeper: we strive to change the way consumers think about their purchasing decisions.

At MIO, we believe that’s a good place to start. We want sustainability to be something that everyone seeks. In creating responsible consumer desires, we can facilitate the development of a sustainable culture.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to leverage our understanding of design, manufacturing and consumption to create responsible products that are both beautiful and affordable.

MIO is dedicated to transforming culture through the design of sustainable products that are both beautiful and affordable. Founded in 2001 by the Salm brothers, Isaac (the numbers guy) and Jaime (the design guy), MIO seeks to bridge the gap between business and sustainability — to transform sustainable products into desirable products.

Today, MIO remains committed to their founding principle: the creation of what the Salm brothers call Green Desire. Green Desire occurs when consumers actually crave products that are sustainable and responsible. This natural demand could ultimately drive the cultural shift necessary to align consumer desires with what is good for the environment.

For more information and to check out their amazing products please visit http://mioculture.com/