Aesop Aoyama by Schemata Architecture Office

Photographs are by Alessio Guarino

Japanese architect Jo Nagasaka of Schemata Architects has designed the interior of the first Aesop shop in Aoyama, Tokyo. Mainly built from materials found in an abandoned house in nakano-ku due for demolition. The store, located in a former vegetable shop, involved reusing timber, handles and furniture found in the demolished house. Aesop’s range of hair and skincare products sit on bundles of timber taken from the abandoned ‘murazawa’ house and wooden panels from the house are reincarnated as neatly stacked display shelves. Features of the empty shop such as pipes and drain covers have also been highlighted and coated in epoxy resin.

The store design very subtly and sympathetically pays homage to the sites location and history. The architects where clearly fuelled by a deep appreciation of raw everyday materials and the glimpses of the past that they reveal. A brilliant example of how re-use with clever planning can produce beautiful and sustainable store designs. Dodo salute you Aesop and Schemata Architecture Office for a fantastic project! 🙂

Here’s some more information from Aesop:

Aesop is proud to open in Tokyo, on the Ground Floor of the Asada building in Minami-Aoyama. Behind the humble facade sits a small store with a remarkable story.

Architect Jo Nagasaka, when considering how to create a functional yet poetic retail space for Aesop’s range of skin and hair products, came upon an abandoned house, the Murazawa residence in Nakano- ku. Recognising the possibilities for reusing the wooden boards and beams, Nagasaka collaborated with Aesop Director Dennis Paphitis on a design that incorporates old and new materials, and pays homage to Japan’s well-established tradition of fusing modern and traditional.

The project was challenging, but the result is a space that is simple, practical and warm. Aesop was founded in 1987. We offer a range of exceptional skin, hair and body products through our thirty international concept stores, and department and specialty store counters. The brand has attracted a loyal following from the beginning for our unwavering commitment to product ingredients, minimalist packaging, and intelligent communication with our customers.While our beginnings were in hair care, Aesop now boasts a line of over seventy products, more than half of which are skin care. We make every product with the same attention to detail that we believe should be applied to life at large.

Our company advocates the use of our range as part of a life that includes good food, plentiful travel and a healthy dose of books.

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