Late Night Chameleon Cafe

The Late Night Chameleon Cafe (or LNCC) was one of the best concept stores of last year – the brainchild of Jon Skeltern (formerly Harrods Oki Ni) and Dan Mitchell, who together with designer Gary Card have revolutionised the retail environment and the way that people shop. Consisting of a bookstore, music rooms, exhibition space and fashion store it is much more than just a store, it is an experience.

LNCC indoor forest

LNCC Bookstore

The light space

Boasting brands such as Hobo, Maison Martin Margielaand Damir Doma to name but a few, are separated into different zones. Devoid of a storefront you enter LNCC via a side door and down into a vast cellar which is based on an indoor forest whereupon you enter into the Skeletal space made from raw wood and orange acrylic, which is a corridor which links together all the themed rooms. ‘The Earthroom’ hosts the menswear section and proceeding onwards you come upon “The Lightroom” which is light and airy and houses womenswear. It is an angular and modularspace where the display units are set onto castors making it movable and changeable. The “Warmroom” is made of industrial concrete and contains clothes suspended from the ceiling from concrete blocks.

The Warm Room

The book room is next and hold rare and precious publications. The next stage to be completed is an exhibition and art space scheduled for this year. LNCC is now open to the public but only by appointment only, of course!

We love the way LNCC have thought about how people now want much more than just a regular store, and what could of been a traditional store in the heart of London is instead an exquisite experience in the East End.

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