Flea market chic

Every Tuesday we pass through the flea market in Preston on our way to uni, just to see if there are any special finds that we might be able to pick up for our business. Flea markets are great if you are looking for the odd vintage find for the home at a bargain price. Preston market can be a bit hit and miss at times – but today it was definitely a hit! We where fortunate enough to come across this gorgeous vintage travelling trunk which cost next to nothing.

We love it’s worn (aka much loved) appearance and it’s blue tartan lining. We are unsure what to do with it just yet but we are thinking of maybe putting shelves inside it and turning it into a cabinet. We may even do nothing to it at all – it’s so beautiful as it is!

Other unique things on display (which we did not buy) where old walking sticks and umbrellas, an old tin toy merry-go-round and a cute china piggy bank.

This ritual of ours means that we already have a pretty stock of vintage/unusual pieces all ready to be upcycled within the next week or so. We can’t wait to get into the workshop and start experimenting! 🙂

Preston flea market is on every Tuesday and Thursday, 8.00am til 3.00pm www.prestonmarkets.co.uk