Antoine Laymond Art Furniture

We tweeted earlier in week about Antoine Laymond Art Furniture and we couldn’t help ourselves and decided to blog about his most delicious upcycled furniture. A Parisian designer Laymond has created a fusion of old and new from a selection of furniture found in the street, creating a high-end portfolio of incredible pieces.

He is very much working on the same premise as Dodo Designs, our mission is to ‘save furniture on the brink of extinction’ and it is fantastic that other people are thinking along the same lines. We feel that in this age of mass consumerism we can make do and mend our possessions rather than buying new. It gives our products a story and a history and a place in the world.

Antoine Laymond furniture

Antoine Laymond Buffet

We salute you Antoine Laymond!! Thank you for listening. Check out more of Laymonds work at LDV Global Design Agents official website