Grandeliers by Who Did That

We have just discovered these amazing eco-friendly lights called Grandeliers from Australian designer Loz Abberton of Who Did That. Each Grandelier is made from hand-printed, FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) ply and veneers in Loz’s solar powered studio on the Carlton Bluff headland in Tasmania.

Available in two styles, ‘The Baroque’ and ‘The Bloom’, the lights are versatile enough to either be hung from your ceiling, or turned over and displayed on a floor or table. The choice doesn’t stop there either – the Grandelier lamps are also available in a range of sizes, and made from a variety of veneers and carbonized bamboo. They also come flat-packed for ease of transportation and require no tools for assembly.

The bulbs featured in the images of the Grandeliers are low energy LED light bulbs. (Sourced through SINFIN Lighting in Australia: Link:

More information from Who Did That

Shaping spaces through illumination and transformative shadows was the creative notion for the Grandeliers lighting range. Designing timeless and functional products flat-packed for ultimate transporting and tool-free assembly was another.

First appearing as a prototype in the green magazine’s stand at DesignEx09 the flat-pack Grandeliers are now in production. Adding luminous statements to any room they are offered in functional styles and sizes. Doing double duty as pendant lights or floor lamps the Grandeliers also can be customised through prints, dimensions and materials.

Currently available flat-packed in FSC carbonised bamboo and lightweight plantation ply because “they retain a flexibility and durability that evokes their source.” Or choose a supernatural black acrylic Grandelier arriving at your door already assembled – reflecting its surroundings like a carnival mirror.

Production of these lights is maintained locally as a social and environmental initiative.

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