Z-A Studio Delicatessen 2, Tel Aviv

Delicatessen 2 Clothing Store by Z-A Studio

We at Dodo are inspired by amazing retail interiors, they are evermore becoming an exhibition space rather than just a store. New York based Z-A Studio have designed a stunning interior for the store Delicatessen 2 in Tel Aviv. Designed to grow and morph with constantly changing fashions, it is simple, clinical and pared back, using found and recycled furniture which explodes out of the walls and is highlighted with splashes of bright yellow. The design is themed upon a dress and its underskirt, the dress being the pegboard  mesh panels which is very much like a lace gown which runs the whole 5m tall space and the underskirt is the yellow shadows underneath the furniture, which can be glimpsed flirtily around the store. 

Delicatessen 2-Clothing Store


Delicatessen 2-Clothing-Store


Delicatessen 2- Clothing Store

The store window is a full glass panel which is simple yet eye catching as the eye is drawn in towards the rear of the store which displays bags and accessories. Clothes are displayed on the left hand side of the store and the simplicity of the colour scheme totally highlights the clothes. We love the mixture of old and new and the elegant beauty of the store is amazingly clever.

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About Z-A Studio

Z-A is dedicated to exposing the unexpected in the mundane.

Z-A believes that a sustainable project is first and foremost a project that can live longer. A flexible design approach equips the project with the ability to adapt and respond to changing needs, uses and identities over time.

Z-A explores extreme material implications … of the most ordinary constraints. Efficiency, budget and identity generate the selection of adequate material in response.

From Z to A; choosing the material at the beginning reverses the typical design process where materials are applied onto a concept. This approach enables the flexible evolution of the design where instead of having a fixed idea, the design is, in effect, ever-changing.

Z-A’s design approach is a deliberate move away from stylistic or formal uniformity, expressing Z-A’s genuine interest in the mundane, the found or given condition, which is clearly different from one project to the other. Moreover it is meant to display that starting with the obvious, doesn’t lead to an obvious result.

Contact Z-A Studio at  http://www.z-astudio.com/