Z-A Studio Delicatessen 1, Tel Aviv

Here at Dodo we where so impressed with Delicatessen 2 by Z-A Studio that we decided to do some further research and find out what the first one was like – it was just as impressive! Guy Zucker and his team have made linoleum look sexy – not an easy task, but it looks effortless! They created an interior of immense resourcefulness with slick good looks. Using only grey and yellow linoleum and cardboard tubes, they sheathed the 84-sq-m space in a thin “garment” that forms the stores furniture: display units, fitting room, counter, and window display. With a change of season, change of trends or a change of the owners heart, this “garment” can be easily removed and replaced, allowing the interior to keep pace with the ever changing world of fashion.

“If we want to learn from fashion design, we have to change our expectations. If we don’t expect all architectural products to become monuments, if we can invest less in “high-end” materials, we might be able to give more importance to the quality of design than to the cost of material – and to give more importance to the designer than to the contractor.” Zucker, G (2006) Back to Basics, Frame, Issue 49, Peter Huiberts.

Here’s more information about Delicatessen 1 from Z-A Studio:

Delicatessen 1 is a clothing store made of linoleum and cardboard tubes exploring the use of thin, ephemeral and ready made materials, relative to the way they are used in fashion. By cutting, folding, rolling and wrapping, the original purpose of the material is transformed to create the display elements, fitting room, desk and store front. The space is dressed with a thin layer that can be peeled off and replaced on demand. Change of seasons or fashion trends can induce the redesign of the entire space. The reoccurring customer who is used to the change of goods can encounter an immersive transformation and the spatial design can become a commodity consumed on a regular basis.

For further information please visit www.z-astudio.com