Auction Fever hits Dodo Designs

Auction house chairs

What a fantastically splendid morning we had today and what could be better than spending it in sunny Leyland, at Warren & Wignall auction house. With a mouth-watering selection of furniture and curiosities we were totally spoilt for choice with armoires, old chairs, and display cabinets aplenty. We love the way old chairs are hung across the roof beams and the general clutter of the auction, it’s incredible to think that all this furniture and ornaments are unwanted goods and were once part of a family home. We were looking particularly for interesting pieces of furniture to take into the workshop to pull apart and remade into new pieces which are designed with sustainability in mind. We are still at the experimental stage and we have a way to go but we have an image and style in mind and we are hoping to have a range of products available to buy very soon. Go Go Dodo!

Auction furniture

Auction furniture sewing box