Urban Station, Buenos Aires

Hello all, sorry we have not blogged in a while. We’ve been busy of late working on an interior project to refurbish the canteen in the Foster Building at UCLan. A major inspiration for us is the amazing Urban Station in Buenos Aires. Designed by Total Tool, the brightly coloured space features a café, which doubles up as a temporary office for freelance workers in need of desk space. There are lamps and powerpoints connected to the sides of tables, whilst others have apertures in their middle where wires from laptops can be fed through. There are fully-equipped private meeting rooms available as well as a helpdesk for any enquiries.

There are also some great eco aspects to the project – the armchairs and sofas in the casual meeting area came from local flea markets and where reupholstered to tie in with the colour scheme. The cluster of large grey and yellow lamps are made from plastic sheets that used to overhang the workspace when it was still a building site. There are also bikes at the front door for you to borrow free of charge incase you need to dash out on an errand or take a quick break.

The boundaries between our working and social lives are merging all the time. Urban Station incorporates the needs of the mobile worker today. We think that students and lecturers would really appreciate this kind of set up – things like the powerpoints connected to tables and comfortable armchairs for casual meetings – all this would encourage them to stay longer and use the space more. Many people work through their lunch now and given the option would rather do it in a comfortable well equipped environment where there’s yummy food and coffee near by (I know I would).

Here’s more information from the designers:

Designed by Total Tool BA, Urban Station has been conceived as a hybrid space, combining café and temporary office, specially designed for nomad workers. The use of the café as a working space as been a long-lasting tradition in Argentina, but the development of connectivity over the last years has boosted this habit.

The project was meant to create a space where the traditional typology of the café was reconsidered while accommodating office amenities such as tables specially adapted for laptops, private meeting rooms provided with medias such as projectors and video conference equipment or a help desk where to print or ask for errand services.

From the organization of promotional events among frequent customers to the offer of free bicycles to be borrowed and take a break, many other elements and services have been also designed to provide enhanced comfort and interaction opportunities for the nomad worker.

For further information please visit:

Urban Station – http://argentina.enjoyurbanstation.com/es/

Total Tool – http://www.totaltool.com.ar/