The Enchanted Palace Exhibition, Kensington, London



Vivienne Westwood dress

Fresh from London I visited the hauntingly beautiful exhibition The Enchanted Palace which is currently housed at Kensington Palace. Hidden stories of sorrow, grief, hidden passions, sad queens, and betrayals, the exhibition is like no other. Whispering princesses, fleeing dresses enchanted forests and wolves are installed into the Royal Court using live theatre and storytelling which cumulate’s into the dark history of the princesses that once resided there.

paper queens

enchanted forest

The sleeping princess room

Using the most stunning haute couture from designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Bruce Oldfield and many more it is a spellbindingly wicked exhibition of history, fashion and fairytales. The installation run by WILDWORKS a Cornish theatre company, uses guardians who offer an extensive history of the palace and its stories, combined with real actors who interact with the public it is an exhibition right up my street.