What Happens When Restaurant, Movement Two

What Happens When movement two

Restaurants are flavour of the month at the moment at Dodo, and we were delighted to see the next stage of the What Happens Next restaurant installation. We have blogged previously about the New York based restaurant and we were blown away by the initial interior and were eagerly anticipating the next. The second stage or movement has already happened and is a journey into a magical time and place and memories. Totally funded by a crowdsourcing initiative Kickstarter, where money is pledged via donors,  movement two is based on  patron Becky Fitzhugh whose childhood memory of hunting down special comfort foods in winter was used as the restaurants new concept.

‘We fell in love with this image and pushed the fantasy of hunting through winter while bits of spring peek through to new heights. In this movement you’ll find yourself on a whimsical romp through our fantastical forest.’

The result is moss covered switches, A veritable forest is suspended from the ceiling and bird transfer and houses are dotted quirkily around the space.


What Happens When detail



For a very special Valentine’s Day What Happens When used the idea of blushing and used exquisitely cut fabric suspended from the ceiling to achieve this.

For Valentine’s Day we were inspired by the idea of blushing – especially after seeing high-school dance photos of Emilie’s Dad (see below!). We interpreted the concept in a variety of ways. Elle pulled an interior design coup and spent only $143 on 88 yards of fabric. 12 hours later, with the help of Emilie’s precise cutting skills, 500 hooks, garlic knots and 4 pots of coffee, Valentine’s Day at What Happens When opened its doors. ‘

quote from http://www.whathappenswhennyc.com/

What Happens When Valentines Day


We adore this concept of the ever changing restaurant and it is poetic that the restaurant itself has a relatively short shelf life and its decline is always on the horizon as it is only going to run for approx 9 months.

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