The Kitchen @ Foster

Hot Food Zone

Hi guys, sorry we have been a bit slow at updating you about our live projects, we have been lucky enough to have been asked to work on some more, which is fantastic but has meant some of our time has been taken up of late. They are very exciting and we can’t wait to tell you about them – we will be updating you on them very soon. 🙂

 Comfy Zone

One of the projects we have been working on is the Foster Refectory at UCLan (this has since been renamed The Kitchen @ Foster through our branding work). Our client wanted to focus on the fact that they sourced healthy food from local farmers and suppliers. This with the fact that they wanted to radically update the space to make it more appealing/useful to students and lecturers has lead us to design an eco/healthy eating cafe with all the amenities of an office. Urban Station in Buenos Aires helped to influence the way we approached the project – the hybrid cafe/office space has an interior designed specifically for today’s mobile worker. They have lamps and power points connected to the sides of tables as well as comfortable armchairs for casual meetings – all this would appeal to students and lecturers as they are mobile workers too.
                                                                      Study Zone

We broke the space down to three main zones (these have since been renamed) – there’s the comfy zone, the hot food zone and the study zone. We also redesigned the layout of the shop at that front of the refractory (Stop “n” Shop) to increase customer flow to pass through it to get to the refectory vice versa.

We thought we would give you a little taster by uploading some of the work we did for our first meeting (after the initial briefing). This included mood, inspiration and concept boards as well as case studies, visuals, branding ideas, floor and lighting plans. Our client has asked us not to upload the plans which is why they are missing.

Since then we have started to brake down the different areas of the refectory and specify the furniture materials and finishes we are thinking of using. We have also been working on finalising the branding for the space, which includes wall graphics, menus, take out cups and napkins etc. As the project develops we will be updating the blog as we go along, so you will be seeing some of this work shortly. 🙂

Please let us know what you think – it’s still early day’s for this project and it’s very much a work in progress so any idea’s, comments or feedback are extremely welcome and will help us alot. Thank you.

Bon appetit!