Euroshop, Burkhardt Leitner Stuttgart

Euroshop Burkhardt Leitner

Exhibition space can very often be dull and not very well thought out however the guys over at Burkhardt Leitner have created the most visually stunning award-winning exhibition platform ever! Strikingly simple with its white interior Burkhardt Leitner  have created the most aesthetically beautiful exhibition space. Specialising in temporary modular exhibition stands for trade shows it is a playful, flexible platform in which to showcase work. Designed for trade shows the stand is flexible, modular and very easy to assemble and is sustainable in that it uses few materials. I am feeling most aggrieved I have a bad case of design envy.

Euroshop Burkhardt Leitner

Euroshop Interior

Euroshop Interior detail

Euroshop exterior detail

Euroshop umberella detail