Bohemian Travel

We have been fortunate enough to have been asked by the Fashion department at UCLan to help stage their styling event and work with their fashion promotion students. The event is called Stylist Closet (the same as last year) and will be held at the band stand in the Trafford centre on the 11th -12th of June.

We have been asked to design and source props around the theme(s) bohemian – vintage – moroccan – ethnic – travel. They where inspired by a recent photoshoot from a graduate who mixes bright bold colours with ethnic prints and patterns as part of the promotional material for the event.

We approached this project by quickly doing some visual research. We have put together a few taster boards to get a feel for the project. Through doing this the promotion team have something to incorporate into their branding and marketing and we have a few ideas for decorating the bandstand. We looked at draped ethnic prints, vintage globes, suspended lanterns, chaise lounges, steamer trunks, old postcards, luggage tags, large picture frames, old passports, blown up images of bohemian art and old world maps.

It has given us a starting point for the project and we are now ready to space plan and start sourcing furniture and materials.

Take a peep and let us know what you think 😉