Teenage Cancer Trust Unit by Two Create

We have been busier than usual here at Dodo with having several project deadlines this week but we just thought we would quickly blog about this amazing project between Teenager Cancer Trust and London based designers Two Create. Interior design is not often associated with things like health care, social housing, charity shops etc so it’s refreshing when projects like this come up, we cant help but applaud and promote them.

The project was a total redesign of the cancer unit at Birmingham’s New Queen Elizabeth Hospital for teenage patients, replacing the washed-out colours with bright hues and modern designs.

Two Create consulted with patients throughout the creative process, which inspired the concept of a boutique hotel within the hospital. They discovered that patients disliked the bland pastel colours surrounding them and wanted a more stimulating interior to distract them from their health problems. They also helped realise the patients ideals, like wireless internet, bedside MP3 players with surround-sound and games consoles in their bedside lockers.

The designers also strayed away from typical vinyl hospital furnishings sourcing furniture made by Spectrum, Swedese and Vitra, using anti-microbial high performance fabrics with special design modifications to satisfy patients’ needs. All materials used passed strict hygiene and infection control tests. There are fun wall graphics to liven up the atmosphere and Patients can personalize their rooms by hanging posters and pictures using custom-made die-cut sheet magnets. The rooms also have a different design, so patients can stay in new spaces on each visit. One room is in a 1960s Pop Art style, while another is NYC ‘loft.’ There are also different social spaces, including a study room, cinema room and kitchen. The unit also includes a relatives room so family have the option to stay over if they want too.

We think this project is a brilliant example of how creative thinking can improve health care environments. By creating a space that stimulates and distracts patients from their health problems the designers have helped to lessen the pressure and stress of the patients and their visitors. It’s bad enough having cancer with out having to stay in a drab, dreary, cold looking hospital ward. An amazing looking environment can lift your spirits and help make you feel better so it makes sense to see this kind of project happening – we just wished it happed more often and hopefully we will see more collaborations like this in the future. It was also nice to discover this project through the internationally acclaimed FRAME magazines website, the more press coverage projects like this get the better – you can see the original article here http://www.framemag.com/news/2226/Teenage-Cancer-Trust-Unit-by-Two-Create.html

Well done Two Create and Teenage Cancer Trust

For further information please visit:

Two Create: www.twocreate.co.uk

Teenage Cancer Trust: www.teenagecancertrust.org