Nike HQ Cafe, Amsterdam UXUS Studio

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Nike Cafe

Always aware of amazing interiors were most pleased to see the Nike cafe by UXUS Architects, Amsterdam. UXUS have designed a space where people can interact and use the space according to their needs and moods. The space consists of intimate booths combined with benches and Eames chairs all eclectically together with oversized graphics of sports superstars. Of course the space is designed and inspired by the sports industry and is a mixture of neutrals with a splattering of sports brights, juxtaposed with intimate and social spaces. We love the use of the graphics which totally pull the space together to create a contemporary and inspiring eating environment. Graphics are by Matte Amsterdam.

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From UXUS,

‘Nike CanteenNike EMEA Headquarters commissioned UXUS to be part of the team to re-design their corporate canteen.

The objective was to create a personalized, social hub inspired by sports that encouraged
and enabled the exchange of ideas.

Working alongside the Nike design team, UXUS created a space utilizing mismatched elements to accommodate the various moods and needs of the employees. Semi-enclosed areas and cozy spaces offer solitude,while vast tables and counters stimulate interaction. Every element was designed for efficiency and the ability of employees to create a personalized eating experience. Material choices were inspired by sports facilities with contrasting bright and neutral colors.

Various ceiling elements such as low hanging lamps create rhythm to diffuse and humanize the tall volume of the main eating hall, while a striking, orange tube wall with
super-graphic ties the 2 levels together.