Robert Janson Floating Plastic Bag Sculpture

plastic bag art

bag sculpture

plastic bag sculpture

We are liking the work of architecture student Robert Janson who when collaborating with fellow architecture students, created an amazing art installation out of recycled carrier bags. This was in response to a project set at Lund Technical College in Sweden, the challenge was to build a geometric structure within an abandoned room. They made the most incredible delicate sculptures using carrier bags which they then inflated and tied into geometrical groups. They Used gelled lights to illuminate the bags and an iron to sculpt them with – through doing so they created a beautiful fragile art installation which totally engulfed the space. Amazing, creative, and original it transformed the abandoned room into a fascinating and magical space. Other students involved in the project include Emilia Thurin Melin, Karin Backlund, Emanuel Kjellberg, Kim Öhrström, Alexander Carlén, Filip Mayer and David Ottosson, Johan Svartnäs and Petter Nilsson.