The Little Kitchen @ Harrington and Vernon Café

We just thought we would update about two of the projects we were working on over the summer. The Little Kitchen @ Harrington (originally The Bistro) and Vernon Café are two small café outlets at UCLan. We were asked to update the spaces with branding and graphic work to make them look less corporate and more appealing to students as well as plan the layout of the food service areas. We also suggested other things to improve the spaces such as better lighting, new flooring, furniture etc but money was exceptionally tight and the catering team wanted to prioritise on what would make the most impact. Although these projects have not turned out the way we had hoped they still look much better than what was there before. The graphic work has helped to give them both an identity and look of their own which is less corporate and more student friendly. One of the graphics for The Little Kitchen @ Harrington contains words for meet, eat and drink in different languages to reflect UCLan’s international students and make them feel more welcome. Feedback from students and staff has been overwhelmingly positive and Paul (the catering manager at UCLan) has told us that takings have tripled since completion. We are really pleased with the outcome – it really is the little things that make a difference.

The Little Kitchen @ Harrington

Vernon Café