‘RememberMe’ project by Oxfam and TOTeM (Tales of Things and Electronic Memory)

We are very busy at the moment getting ready for our hand in but we just thought we would do a quick blog post about a project which helped inspire our most recent project (soon to be unveiled). Back in 2010 Oxfam celebrated Manchester’s FutureEverything festival by launching the QR-powered ‘RememberMe’ project in collaboration with TOTeM (Tales of Things and Electronic Memory). People donating an item to a Manchester store were invited to record an audio message explaining its history, which was then hosted online on the TOTeM website and linked to an individual QR code on the product’s label. By scanning the label, the new owner could instantly access the human story behind their purchase. This adds intrigue and a unique human history to the item making it more valuable and special.

The pop-up Oxfam Curiosity Shop at Selfridges also had clothing donated from A-list celebrities such as Colin Firth and Annie Lennox.

For further information please visit:

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