Dodo Lab

Hello all! Sorry we have not blogged in a while, we had to submit all our course work and set up our MA exhibition last week so we’ve been a bit tied up of late. We’ve wanted to tell you about Dodo Lab (not to be confused with DodoLab, an experimental art and design based program in Canada our third semester project for ages and now finally we can!

Dodo Lab is a research project set up to find ways of regenerating old and unwanted pieces of furniture. The experimental nature of the project has led to us keeping prototype (1, 2 & 3 etc) as the name for each of the pieces. Each prototype comes with a QR (Quick Response) Code that unites the prototypes past, present, and future. By scanning the barcode with a smartphone you unlock information about its former life also allowing the new owner to contribute to its ongoing narrative. This adds intrigue and a unique human history to the once neglected objects, making them valuable and special once more. The Prototypes can only be bought by swapping services or by doing a good deed, much like designers within their working environment, therefore the only currency used is the swap or deed itself. Each prototype comes with a product tag which has instructions on the back of it explaining how the new owner can contribute to it’s ongoing narrative by generating a QR Code of their own. Once they have done this they can add it to the prototype in whatever way they wish so it becomes the next stage of it’s life story.

The Collection

Prototype 1

Prototype 2

Prototype 3

All the wonderful photography you see here is by David Schofield the principle photographer at UCLan. Dave also freelances in his spare time, check out to see more of his amazing work.

Our exhibition is up (photographs coming soon) and is part of the MA show which runs from Monday 16th – Thursday 26th Jan 10am – 4pm in the PR1 Gallery at the Victoria Building at UCLan (PR1 2HE) – Come and visit and see the wonderful work MA students at UCLan can produce!