Why we’re called Dodo

We have a lot of love for the Dodo. The extinct Mauritian bird is commonly used as the archetype of an extinct species because its extinction occurred during recorded human history and was… Continue reading

Auction Fever hits Dodo Designs

What a fantastically splendid morning we had today and what could be better than spending it in sunny Leyland, at Warren & Wignall auction house. With a mouth-watering selection of furniture and curiosities we were… Continue reading

Haka Building – Recycle Office by Doepel Strijkers Architects

Here at Dodo we’re really impressed with the transformation that’s taking place at the Haka Building in the Nertherlands. Doepel Strijkers Architects are turning the space into a ‘clean tech living lab’ so… Continue reading

Z-A Studio Delicatessen 1, Tel Aviv

Here at Dodo we where so impressed with Delicatessen 2 by Z-A Studio that we decided to do some further research and find out what the first one was like – it was… Continue reading

What Happens When-Pop up Restaurant NYC

Wow wee, Dodo is liking the new concept restaurant What Happens When.., which has recently opened in downtown Manhattan and is an accumulation of art, food, interiors and sound and is a collaboration with New… Continue reading

Z-A Studio Delicatessen 2, Tel Aviv

We at Dodo are inspired by amazing retail interiors, they are evermore becoming an exhibition space rather than just a store. New York based Z-A Studio have designed a stunning interior for the… Continue reading

Folk Clothing stores by IYA Studio

Reuse features heavily in the design of the Folk Clothing stores in London. This includes the store on Brick Lane which uses old gym equipment and the women’s store in Holborn which has… Continue reading

Claire Norcross

Photography by Tim Ainsworth – http://www.timainsworth.com Yesterday we had a lecture taken by the amazing Claire Norcross, an award-winning designer who specialises in lighting. She talked about her time as an up-and-coming designer,… Continue reading

Fantastic Norway Cardboard Cloud

Arranged in a pixellated cloud formation, Fantastic Norway designed an amazing exhibition space consisting of over 3000 cardboard boxes, which created a  framework for students to exhibit their work and was run in conjunction with the Norwegian Centre… Continue reading

Tom Dixon, Royal Acadamy Restaurant, Piccadilly, London

We at Dodo (well one of us) have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with the phenomena that is Tom Dixon. The  new Royal Academy restaurant the brainchild of Oliver Peyton, was designed together… Continue reading