Make do and mend As we’re increasingly beginning to realise, a well-made object that lasts a long time and can be repaired and updated is a sustainable choice, no matter what its other… Continue reading

Jens Risom furniture re-issued by Rocket and Benchmark

“I set out to design contemporary furniture that was comfortable and practical to use. I developed an American version of Scandinavian modern furniture.” Jens Risom (b1916), Classic Modern During the London Design Festival… Continue reading

Book Review: Industry by Tom Dixon

“Designing systems or challenging systems of distribution and consumption – that is interesting and is the future of design.” We agree Tom, which is why this pint sized book (the first in a… Continue reading

Christo, Enviromental Artist/Genius

We hava a lot of love for the work of husband and wife team Christo & Jean Claude. An enviromental artist, their work includes the wrapping of the Reichstag, enveloping eleven islands off Florida with pink fabric… Continue reading

Newspaper Club

We are very, very happy that we have found out about Newspaper Club. Let’s go to press about sweet innovation – these guys are geniuses! Newspaper Club is an online company offering a… Continue reading

The coolest workplace ever! Village Underground

If every workplace was like Village Underground it would be a pleasure going to work. Based in Shoreditch, London it is a Hub of creative design and is made  from reclaimed trains and containers.… Continue reading

The hard work starts here!

Well the MA is well underway with plenty of research to be done. Dodo is coming along nicely with yet another business course  to be attended tomorrow entitled ‘From Fantasy to Reality’. Exciting times… Continue reading

Poundshop designed by Asif Khan for Household

What an amazing idea! It’s so good to see creatives investing time in reinvigorating the humble poundshop. How often do you see something designer for a pound? Hardly ever, which is why this… Continue reading

TENT, London

After all the excitement of 100% design we couldn’t resist another dose of creativity and headed over to Tent, the coolest design event of the year. Situated in Brick lane the design capital of London, it was… Continue reading

100% Design London

London Part 2 Hello World, After we had a look around Global Industry at The Dock me and Michaela headed over to 100% Design London at Earls Court.   The show felt much smaller this… Continue reading