Dodo Evolution

Dodo Evolution (18 Month Course)

First Semester

In our first semester we set about creating a basic business plan and brand identity. We also did case studies, market research, product analysis and customer profiles. On top of this we devised a marketing strategy and developed all web material. We also registered at Northern Lights – a business start up initiative in the Media Building at UCLan which offers free desk space and Professional advice amongst many other things.

Second Semester

There was a slight change of direction in our second semester, we had just started to design our upcycled products range when we were requested to help out on an interior design project at the uni (The Kitchen @ Foster). This then led to more interior design projects, each requiring branding work and taking up much of our time. We really enjoy working on interior design projects especially when designing the upcycled product range as a way into green interior design. We have a passion for both interior and furniture design – we will be working on them both this summer and next semester.

Interior Projects:

The Kitchen @ Foster (Design)

The Kitchen @ Foster (Branding)

No. 16

Stylists Closet

Victoria Building Regeneration

Products: We started to think about how we could brand our upcycled products thus making them unique and also add value to these once abandoned objects. We started to apply our brand colours and mix and match furniture components in our sketch books and in Photoshop to see the effect. We also started to develop some branded textile patterns we could possibly use to upholster the furniture with. Through doing this we came up with our new logo which we have since rolled out across all social media.

Third Semester

To be continued …….


Dodo, establishing ourselves

A few pages from our initial business plan document

Concept Furniture Ideas

Concept Textile Ideas

Essence Work