No. 16


No.16 / Loft

– The Brief

The Loft bar in Preston has a late licence. Our client asked us to design a space that will appeal to early drinkers as well as the late ones. Our client liked the store design for established, old school brands such as Jack Wills, Hollister and Ralph Lauren. These have a varsity, gentlemans club vibe to them that makes their customers feel like they are part of an exclusive club. Our client wanted elements of this introduced into the bar as it would appeal to earlier customers wanting a sophisticated drink. It would also compliment the heritage of the old warehouse the bar is situated in.

– Our Approach

We suggested renaming the Loft No.16, the bars address, to give it more of an established, old school feel. However, this is not crucial and it has only been a suggestion to our client as possible new branding for the bar – Loft would still work with the interior scheme we have proposed.

As we began to plan the space we looked at other ways of achieving what our client wanted by also making the look more underground and edgy so it still appealed to his current market. We looked at fashion stores like Allsaints and Urban Outfitters – both use vintage furniture and props in warehouse settings and appeal not only to students and teenagers but also young professionals and people in their 30’s. We felt this look, combined with elements of the varsity, gentlemans club image, would work far better than just trying to imitate Victorian grandeur in a warehouse. In our scheme we kept the look as simple as possible – we used dark colours, exposed brick walls, used vintage chesterfields and antler chandeliers. We also secured an additional bar on the first floor with oak panelling that would open up later on in the evening when the bar got busier. Overall we felt this look would not only appeal to the late night ravers but also the hip young urban professionals wanting a quick drink or two after work.

– Eco Aspect

Using reclaimed materials, upcycling secondhand furniture and sourcing props from charity shops.
We also sourced eco lighting – the lighting to go above the bars on the ground and second floor are by Lee Broom and are made from decanters he sources through antique markets and vintage shops. The Allsaints style light fitting would also be fitted with energy saving light bulbs and would only come on late in the evening to help save energy. Even the antler chandeliers we sourced are ecological as these chandeliers are made from antlers that have been shed by reindeer naturally.

– Client

Douglas Low

– Location

Loft, Preston

Another option, exposed brick walls (slightly more gothic version)

Initial Research 
Concept Visual

Branding Concept/Imagery