UCLan Sandwich Packaging

UCLan Sandwich Packaging

– The Brief

We were asked to design the packaging for UCLans own brand sandwiches. This was also to tie in with our earlier branding work for – The Kitchen – enterprises. We were also asked to make the design reflect the healthy, fresh ingredients that went inside the sandwiches and to make it fun and contemporary to appeal to the student market.

– Our Approach

We approached this project by quickly doing some visual research, looking at health food brands like EAT and GRAZE to help give us an idea of what colours, fonts and graphics are trending in this market. We have started to design the labels and the graphics to go on the packaging – experimenting with different fonts and silhouettes of farm animals. We have also experimented with “The Kitchen” brand colours to see which colours stand out best on the brown cardboard. The packaging supplier has informed us we can only have one colour for the labelling and packaging (we were originally going to have different colours for meat, fish and Vegetarian fillings) – so we decided to go with white as this colour stands out best on the packaging.

– Health and Eco Aspect

The colours, graphics and labelling all encourage and promote healthy eating and inform students and lecturers that their food is fresh and sourced from local farmers. The brown cardboard packaging is also recyclable and biodegradable.

– Client

UCLan (University of Central Lancashire) – Andy Coverdale, Business Services Manager and Paul Fowler, Catering Manager

The final design is still to be completed. Below are a few images of our development work.

First Stage