Victoria Building Regeneration

Victoria Building Regeneration

– The Brief

We were asked to modernise and update the Victoria Building, which houses all the design, photography and fashion courses at UCLan. We were also asked to turn the first floor mezzanine level into more of a social space/hub for students to meet and socialise and to redesign the reception and the cafe in the building.

– Our Approach

We wanted to give the building it’s own identity, and to make it easier to navigate for new students and visitors. This led us to start researching way finding and interiors which use large graphics as a way of giving the space an identity. We didn’t want the overall scheme to date over time so we made it very simplistic. We also included an eclectic mix of classic designer furniture to reference it being a design school. The branding and graphics we designed all reference way finding – we designed a tracking system by giving each floor it’s own track line and colour which starts outside leads you into the building and to the floor it represents.

– Social Aspect

We redesigned the first floor mezzanine area into the heart of the building – the meeting, socialising, networking space for students and lecturers. We moved the reception (which is currently on the first floor) to where the entrance is on the ground floor – this was a logical solution and would provide valuable assistance to those coming to the building for the first time – it would also provide a reception for the PR1 Gallery. By doing this the first floor is also freed up – the first floor office can be closed up to create more space for inside the schools office (which is behind the reception opening) and also provide bigger wall space on the other side. The current cafe area on the first floor is unmanned – we rearranged the layout to knock through two storage rooms behind the cafe and also take out partially the wall which is facing the gallery space. We put a breakfast bar in its place to make it feel more like a coffee house, it also allows any one sitting there to have an un interrupted view of the whole mezzanine space and the gallery area. Overall this will open up the space, make it appear larger and encourage students to utilise the area. Students will want to stay longer in that area and use it as their own space. It’s a great way for students from different disciplines to meet each other which could culminate in cross disciplinary projects.

– Client

UCLan (University of Central Lancashire) – School of Art, Design and Performance

– Location

Victoria Building, UCLan, Preston